Complicated in its simplicity, breathtaking in its design, the Kimber Modern is an architectural work of art.

“The Kimber Modern represents an almost perfect coincidence of site, program and architectural form.  The form derives simply from a precipitously sloped site with parking placed underneath.  The low-slung design provides a multi-leveled environment that is never more than one story from the ground, providing a sensitive buffer between the sheer commerce of the vibrant Congress Avenue corridor and the quaint South Austin neighborhoods to the east and south.  At the same time the building serves as a buffer to its inhabitants, opening inwardly to an interior land & deckscape that provides an oasis from the SoCo buzz just outside.”

– Burton Baldridge, Architect

Burton Baldridge Architects was born in January 2006 with a restrained modern aesthetic and a firm belief in the design/build system.  While the Burton’s designs lean towards minimalism, the firm eschews any sort of house-style in favor of a functionalist approach whereby each project is regarded as a blank slate.  Each program is different; each structure unique.

While not in any manner “old school”, the Burton Baldridge Architects favors the use of solid, noble materials, rejecting the flashy flimsiness that characterizes much of contemporary architecture.  Through honest program analysis, contextual massing, robust forms, clean lines and rigorous detailing, Baldridge Architects seeks to deliver a durable modern architecture that serves real needs while simultaneously delighting.

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