Bottom line: with all the changes that Austin has seen in the last years (good and not-so-good), the Kimber Modern represents the old-Austin heart and soul with new Austin verve and style. Go here. You will love it.
Texan2500, via TripAdvisor

This place is like an Oasis in the middle of Austin. It is walking distance to downtown and to a lot of shops and restaurants in the Heart of Austin. As soon as you walk up the stairs you feel like you’re at home.
via TripAdvisor

Great little gem in the heart of South Congress! Wonderful customer service and so unique. And it is walking distance to the fun on South Congress. I highly recommend!
Teresa S, via TripAdvisor

We have stayed at this wonderful hotel five times and will continue to stay here. The staff are very warm and welcoming and the modern and warm decor is impeccable. The amenities are perfect and it is a true jewel in Austin!
Heather W, via TripAdvisor

If the Museum of Modern Art built a boutique hotel it would be the Kimber Modern.
Tuck Kamin

First, the location can’t be beat. Second, every detail has been thought through. Third, Cassie and the rest of the folks are gracious, down-to-earth, and keenly focused on the visitor experience. We felt as if we were staying with a cultured, caring friend. They just get it.
LadyCake17, via TripAdvisor

Can’t stop obsessing over the Kimber Modern! I literally just returned from Austin and am still thinking about this urban haven.
micquinn, via TripAdvisor

Amazing–designed for travelers like us. It is probably the best hotel that we have ever stayed in, and we have traveled extensively. This hotel provides just the type of luxury that fits our needs
CCSusan, via TripAdvisor

This indoor/outdoor gem is a shrine to design. We appreciated every detail — the delicious linens, the shallow bathroom sink, that delightful bunny painting above our bed, the yummy breakfast and community room with wine/beer and perfect selection of snacks. We left with many ideas we hope to use in designing a future home back in NYC — meantime, we’ll savor the memory of Kimber.
Heymarci, via TripAdvisor

If you love contemporary, fabulous design and zen then this is the place for you. One minute from the hustle – grab a glass of wine and sit under the oak while listening to the water wall (which by the way is beautiful at night).
debandb0b, via TripAdvisor

We weren’t sure if we were in Bali, the Hollywood Hills, Scandinavia or Shangri-La when we entered the multilayered Kimber Modern Hotel in Austin. Try to stay in each of the handful of rooms at the Kimber Modern before you die.
TheIdiotandTheOdyssey, via TripAdvisor