About Kimber Cavendish

“My father owned motels in Reno, Nevada and my mother built a bed and breakfast on the Oregon coast. That seed planted from my youth began my unrelenting quest to find the perfect hotel – one that is modern, private, and architecturally significant.

“I interviewed half a dozen architects before finding Burton Baldridge. I wanted an architect who had the ability to take the Kimber Modern to the next level of modern architecture. Burton’s amazing vision and ability to design a structure on a challenging lot coupled with both my desires for visual beauty and comfort made him the perfect match for me.

“Because I had the opportunity to design and build the Kimber Modern from the ground up, I was able to pay attention to each and every minute detail. My goal was to create an exceptional architectural work of art, tailored toward the independent urban traveler. Here you’ll have all the comfort of the finest hotel with the intimacy of a bed and breakfast. I invite you to define your own experience through our invisible service concept where everything you could want or need has been provided effortlessly at your fingertips. Release yourself from the usual constraints and notions of the average hotel.

“By taking the Kimber Modern to both architectural and autonomous extremes, I was able to realize my vision of creating a place for guests who long to stay somewhere that’s unlike anywhere they’ve ever been. It’s simply a functional, comfortable and beautiful work of art.”

– Kimber Cavendish

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